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ZoomSDKActiveVideoElement Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(ZoomSDKError) - startActiveView:
 Set whether to display active video. More...
- Instance Methods inherited from ZoomSDKVideoElement
(id) - initWithFrame:
 Create object of video elements for each user. More...
(ZoomSDKError) - showVideo:
 Set whether to show video. More...
(VideoRenderElementType) - getElementType
 Get the type of the video render element: preview/active/normal. More...
(VideoRenderDataType) - getDataType
 Get data type of video render: avatar/video. More...
(NSView *) - getVideoView
 Get NSView object in the element.
(ZoomSDKError) - resize:
 Resize the video view according to your requirements. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ZoomSDKVideoElement
VideoRenderElementType _elementType
VideoRenderDataType _dataType
unsigned int _userid
NSView * _videoView
NSRect _viewFrame
- Properties inherited from ZoomSDKVideoElement
unsigned int userid
NSView * videoView

Method Documentation

◆ startActiveView:()

- (ZoomSDKError) startActiveView: (BOOL)  start

Set whether to display active video.

startYES means starting active video, otherwise not.
If the function succeeds, it will return ZoomSDKError_Success. Otherwise failed.

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